Top Tips for Tenants: Mastering the Art of the Perfect Rental Application

Searching for a rental property in Canberra can be a challenging endeavour due to high demand and limited supply. As many prospective tenants compete for their dream rental, standing out from the crowd becomes crucial. If you’re eager to secure your ideal rental property, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 tips to make your rental application shine and increase your chances of success.

1. Ensure You Possess All the Required Documentation

Having all the correct documentation is crucial when applying for a rental property in Canberra. Landlords and property managers need to verify your identity, rental history, and financial stability to assess your suitability as a tenant. Here’s a checklist of essential documents you should have ready:

  • Photo ID: A government-issued identification card or passport to confirm your identity. You will need 100 points of ID.
  • Proof of Income: Pay slips or employment letters to demonstrate your ability to pay rent regularly.
  • Rental History: Previous rental references from landlords or property managers that vouch for your responsible tenancy.
  • Personal References: Character references from individuals who can attest to your reliability and trustworthiness.
  • Bank Statements: Provide recent bank statements to verify your financial stability and ability to cover rent and expenses.
  • Rental Application Form: Fill out the rental application form completely and accurately.
  • Pet References (if applicable): If you have pets, include references from previous landlords stating that your pets were well-behaved and caused no damage.
  • Emergency Contact Information: Provide contact details of a person who can be reached in case of emergencies.

Having these documents ready in advance showcases your preparedness and professionalism as a potential tenant. It can also expedite the application process, making you a more attractive candidate in the competitive rental market of Canberra. Remember to keep copies of all the documents for your records and submit them promptly when requested by the property management team.

Submission of payslips is essential! Demonstrating a reliable income will greatly impress landlords and agents, easing any concerns about missed payments. To strengthen your application, please include a minimum of three recent payslips. We understand that in the dynamic Canberra rental market, tenants often move for new job opportunities, even before officially starting a position, which can make providing payslips challenging. In such cases, you can alternatively furnish us with a current bank statement or proof of balance, along with a letter of offer or a signed contract. These documents will serve as valuable evidence to landlords and agents, assuring them of your stable income.

2. Approach Your Rental Application with Utmost Seriousness

Mere attendance at an inspection won’t suffice; your application deserves dedicated effort. Ensure it’s as comprehensive as possible by providing all relevant information. If you have any uncertainties, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from our staff.

To truly stand out, consider crafting a compelling cover letter. Applications often lack personal touch, so expressing your genuine interest and introducing yourself to the agent can make a significant difference. Share why the property is an ideal fit for you, your family, friends, or housemates. This is your opportunity to showcase your strengths and allow us to furnish more details to the landlord. Treat your application with the same seriousness you would a job application – it’s your chance to shine!

3. References: A Priceless Asset for Your Application

To ensure a seamless application process, it’s vital that your references are thoroughly checked. Please provide us with as many references as possible, and if available, include reference letters. Even if you have pets, obtaining references for them can be advantageous!

To facilitate this process, please inform all the individuals you list as references in advance. Double-check that their contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers, is accurate. We have an automated reference-checking system, which means that once we receive your application, references will receive an email requesting their input.

To expedite the process and secure your chances, we will make several attempts to contact your references. However, please be aware that if we encounter difficulties reaching them, it may jeopardize your application. Landlords prioritize swift and efficient application processing, so timely responses from referees are crucial to secure your spot.

By understanding the significance of references and ensuring their accuracy and responsiveness, you greatly enhance your chances of a successful application.

4. Streamline Your Application: Apply Online and Save Valuable Time

To ensure a seamless and organized application process, we have a system in place where all applications are centralized. At S&CO, we utilize 2apply for this purpose. After attending an inspection, you will receive a link that allows you to conveniently lodge your application.

If you wish to apply for a property in advance, it’s a straightforward process. Just give the listing agent a call, and they will provide you with a pre-inspection link to fill out your application.

Following our agency’s procedure ensures efficiency and expediency, making the application process hassle-free for all parties involved.

5. Punctuality Matters: Make a Positive First Impression at Inspections

Being punctual is an essential act of courtesy, especially during open home inspections. As agents often work solo and schedule multiple inspections back-to-back, their time is precious, leaving no room for waiting if you arrive late. On the other hand, arriving promptly and prepared leaves a positive impression, which can be noted during the registration process and remembered during application assessments.

At S&CO, our property managers personally conduct open home inspections. This means the impression you make during the inspection will directly impact the property manager’s perception of you as a potential tenant. We firmly believe that the individual managing the property should also be responsible for selecting tenants, creating a seamless communication process without any agent-to-agent miscommunication.

To ensure you make a favorable impression, take the time to introduce yourself to the agent during the inspection and present yourself well. Approach the interaction with reasonableness and politeness, avoiding being overly pushy. Remember, monopolizing the agent’s time without allowing others to ask questions can be seen unfavorably. Asking relevant questions about the property is encouraged, and having a prepared list of inquiries can be helpful if you think you might forget any details.

At S&CO, we value professionalism, transparency, and open communication, making the application process an opportunity for you to demonstrate your suitability as a tenant. By being punctual, respectful, and engaging during the inspection, you enhance your chances of securing the property that best suits your needs.

6. Coordinate Applications: Ensure All Housemates Apply Together

To expedite the processing of your application, it’s essential that the entire application is submitted in its entirety. If you are applying with friends, family, or housemates, make sure all their applications are completed and submitted at the same time. Ensure that each application meets the same standard as yours, with all the required information and documentation provided.

While it’s not mandatory for your housemates to attend the inspection, it is preferred. Their presence allows them to get a firsthand look at the property and align their expectations with yours, leading to a more cohesive decision-making process.

By coordinating and submitting all applications together, you increase the efficiency of the review process and enhance your chances of a successful outcome.

7. First-Time Renter? Consider a Guarantor for Added Support

As a first-time renter, gaining the trust of landlords can be challenging. Demonstrating your commitment is crucial, and having a guarantor can significantly bolster your application. A trusted individual, such as a parent or family member, willing to offer support if needed, can make a substantial difference.

Before proceeding, it’s essential to have an open conversation with your potential guarantor. They should fully understand their responsibilities as a guarantor, as they will be liable for rent and other charges during the tenancy in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

To strengthen the application, your guarantor should submit their information as well. While it doesn’t require the same level of detail, we’ll still conduct necessary reference checks, assess financial security, and perform ID checks. Upon submission, please indicate that they are acting as the guarantor.

Having a guarantor not only reassures landlords but also showcases your commitment and responsible approach to renting. With their support, you increase your chances of securing your desired rental property and embarking on a successful renting experience.

8. Pet References: A Paw-sitive Addition to Your Application

Finding a suitable rental with pets can be challenging, as some landlords may have concerns about allowing pets on their property. However, there are effective ways to address these concerns and improve your chances of securing a pet-friendly home. When submitting your application, providing comprehensive information about your pet is key. Include details such as breed, age, and training, as these factors can positively influence the landlord’s perception.

Maximize your chances by offering a well-rounded view of your pet. Including a few photos in the application is a great idea, allowing the landlord to connect personally with your furry companion. Highlight their best qualities and unique traits, essentially creating a separate “pet application” within your main application. If you have a history of renting with your pet and it was successful, be sure to provide this information as well, as it can further demonstrate your pet’s suitability as a tenant.

By taking the time to present your pet in the best light possible and providing as much relevant information as you can, you can ease any preconceived concerns that the landlord may have and increase your chances of finding the perfect rental home that welcomes both you and your furry friend with open arms.

9. Gain a Competitive Edge: Pre-Apply and Schedule an Open Time with the Agent

With the high volume of applications agents receive after an open house, gaining a competitive advantage is crucial. Pre-applying for the property allows us to begin processing your application early, ensuring it’s among the first on our list for review. By doing so, you increase your chances of standing out from the crowd.

Moreover, if you’ve already applied, taking the initiative to call and schedule an inspection shows your genuine interest in the property. This proactive approach may lead to a more favorable assessment of your application. Demonstrating your enthusiasm can make a positive impression on the agent, potentially tipping the scales in your favor during the selection process.

By following this tip, you give yourself a head start and improve your odds of securing the rental property that best fits your needs. We value applicants who show their keen interest and readiness to move forward, and we’re here to support you throughout the process.

10. Stay Ahead: Register Online and Stay Informed with the Latest Updates

Registering your interest online is a vital step in ensuring a smooth rental journey. When you register, you’ll receive automatic updates about open house inspections, keeping you informed and well-prepared. We strongly advise against simply showing up at an inspection without prior registration. By pre-registering, you’ll be promptly notified of any changes or updates related to the inspection.

There are instances where an inspection prior to yours might run late, and in such cases, the agent will communicate updates through registered tenants. Without registration, you might leave and miss important information about the inspection’s updated time or even a rescheduled date. Registering online safeguards you against missing out on potential opportunities and helps you stay well-informed throughout the application process.

Take advantage of this convenient tool to enhance your rental experience and maximize your chances of securing the property that best suits your needs. We’re here to assist you every step of the way, and staying registered and informed allows us to better support you in your search for the perfect rental home.

In conclusion, we hope these top tips serve as valuable insights to guide you through the rental application process and help you secure your dream rental home. Remember, treat your application with the same level of seriousness as you would a job application, ensuring it is comprehensive and complete.

Thank you for considering our agency, and we look forward to assisting you in finding the perfect rental home that fits your needs and preferences. Should you have any further questions or require assistance, feel free to reach out to us. Happy house hunting!